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Sarah Josepha Hale Memorial Park Dedication

The Trustees of the Richards Free Library cordially invite you to attend the dedication of the Sarah Josepha Hale Memorial Park celebrating the 150th anniversary of Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 23, 2013, at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Join us for Thanksgiving pie after the ceremony!


Introducing Youth Writer’s Group!

Every Wednesday a group of 4th-6th graders have been meeting and sharing their stories with each other as well as learning new writing techniques from Miss Meg.

One of their goals for the year was to publish their stories on the web.

Now their dream has become a reality!

Introducing the Youth Writer’s Group Blog:


Check back often for new stories from each tween!

If you are in 4th-6th grade and would like to join Youth Writer’s Group feel free to talk to Miss Meg!

It Just Gets Better

sjhpark2Jari Mannisto and Brent Stocker have been working hard to have the Sarah Josepha Hale monument in place for its dedication on November 23rd at 3:00 p.m. The metal floor of the sculpture with Sarah’s name at the entrance was installed yesterday. Jari is now preparing the installation for the final element in the center. Michael Kennedy and his crew have planted and put down sod in the front of the park. He will need to wait for spring to plant the trees and hedges at the rear of the park. Please stop and visit the sculpture it is a moving tribute to an incredible American.

Sarah out of the box!


Sarah Uncrated!




Sarah Hale Is in the Box

boxsmallerSarah’s container arrived in the snow. Jari Mannisto will begin the installation of the sculpture this week. Watch the corner of Belknap and Main Streets for progress on the Hale Park.

Check Out the Night Sky

telescopesmThanks to a generous gift of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society the library has a telescope that can be checked out.

No, it’s not a swimming pool….



You may have noticed the activity on the library’s side lawn.  The Sarah Josepha Hale Memorial Park construction has begun.  To learn more about the future park click here.


Carl M. Cochran Auction


Newport Nuggets… 1915 Opening of the New Childrens Room in the Original Richards Free Library

Courtesy of  The Eagle Times

Courtesy of
The Eagle Times