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The Great Science Derby of 2014

Lego car racing

We had a great time building and racing our LEGO creations! We had a very enthusiastic winner, a close second, and prizes were also awarded to some determinedly creative competitors! The derby can be officially declared a success.

But we had even more fun building and testing our vehicles. On top of that, we learned that we had to increase the weight of the cars to give them enough momentum to make it down the ramp. Plus, we found out that aerodynamic designs and a low center of gravity helped, too!

Since we had so much playing with our huge LEGO collection, we can’t wait for our monthly LEGO Group to start up again in September. We’ll keep you posted about all our LEGO events! IMG_2730

Lego Car Racing!

Today, Saturday July 19th!

Come build, come watch, come race, come cheer! Come to the library for the Great Science Derby of 2014!
Building starts at 11:00, and we’ll go outside to start racing our vehicles at 11:30.

All ages welcome, but parents, please remember that Legos are a choking hazard for children age 3 and younger.

Squishy Circuits

Do play dough and electricity have anything in common?  Turns out they do.

  • More Fizzy, Boomy, Science!
  • The circuits are squishy because they are made of play dough.
  • Salty play dough conduct electricity and sugary dough insulates it.
  • We learned that an electric circuit only works when it is a complete circle.
  • We learned that electricity is lazy, so it takes something called the path of least resistance.
  • We learned about open circuits, closed circuits, and short circuits.
  • Lots of fun experiments happened and we were impressed by the creativity!
  • We think we might just have to do it all over again! We’ll keep you posted!


Edible Experiments


  • Mmm candy!
  • The floating M!
  • The great color escape!
  • Soap is so pushy!
  • Lava “lamps”!
  • Dancing raisins!
  • Science is all around us, even in the kitchen! Check out these books for more edible experiments:
  1. Incredible Edible Science by Tina L. Seelig
  2. Big Book of Science Experiments powered by Mad Science
  3. Alien in my Pocket: Blast Off! by Nate Ball


Summer Reading Program Kickoff – Mad Science Spin, Bop and Boom Show


To kick off the Summer Reading Program, we had a Spin, Pop & Boom science demonstration by Jet Stream Jocelyn from Mad Science of New Hampshire.   Lots of summer readers were selected as volunteers and assisted in making loud, bright, and smelly science experiments. We all learned some things. But mostly we learned that…science can be Fun! And stinky.


Summer Reading Program Kickoff


Fizz Boom READ kick off day! What a successful start to the summer reading program! We laughed, we cried, we signed up 71 readers on the first day! Boo-ya!


The way the Summer Reading Program works is simple: the more you read, the better your chance of getting an awesome prize. Readers get a reading chart with experimental beakers divided into sections that are to be filled in each 30 minutes they read. Readers bring their colored-in reading chart to be stamped and for each stamp they get a token to be redeemed at our fabulous Prize cart! Every time they complete a poster, the get an additional prize; a book, a slushie, or an ice cream cone.


The teen program is a little different: they get prizes for each side completed and do not transact with tokens.  But our teens are still rushing to complete their cards! Turns out teens are just as motivated by slushies and ice cream, if not their AP English reading lists.


For every 30 minutes of reading, we have encouraged readers to write on the green fizzy bubbles, so that we could keep track of all the reading. Already the fizz wall is getting filled up with bubbles! Can’t wait to see how it looks by August 1st!


Readers still have one more chance at a book prize: the Library-Visit Raffle. Every time reading program participants come to the library the can enter our raffle for another chance to win!


So many prizes, so many books, so much time –  what a beautiful summer.

IMG_2669 IMG_2671

Welcome our new Children’s Librarian!

Welcome to Moriah (“Mo”) Churchill as our new Children’s Librarian!  Originally from Maine, she comes to us from Simmons College with Master’s degrees in Children’s Literature and Library Science. Stop in and say hi!Mo

Richards Free Library 125th Anniversary Celebration Quilt

Richards Free Library Trustees

Make sure your name is part of this historical commemorative to Newport’s Richards Free Library! This signature quilt, highlighting the library’s history and service, will contain the embroidered signatures of all participants and hang in a place of honor at the library. Groups and individuals who wish to participate can obtain an easy to use Quilt Square Packet at the library between April 12 and August 23, 2014. The packet contains quilt square and full directions on how to participate. We ask for a donation of $40.00 for each square, or $5.00 per signature. Your participation will document for all time your support of the library and also insure that the Richards Free Library remains a vibrant part of the Newport community.

Fizz…Boom… Read! The RFL Summer Reading Program Begins on June 18!


Newport Nuggets… Newport’s 150th Celebration Invitation, August 1911