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Are you ready for the annual Frozen T-shirt Challenge?

You’d better  be!

Calling all teens and children willing to pull a frozen t-shirt over your head:

Now is the time to shine!

Come to the Frozen T-Shirt Challenge and be the first participant to get your given t-shirt out of it’s bag and completely on. It won’t be easy. The t-shirt will be frozen solid. You can do anything you want to soften the shirt enough to put it on: bang it, bop it, pound it, sit on it, breath on it. The only rule is that you can’t hit somebody else with it.

The 1st place winner wins a gift certificate to Village Pizza!

Once we start, the contest goes quickly, so don’t be late. While we wait for the exact right moment, we’ll see if we can’t get a geyser of soda higher than we did at Explosive Reactions when we add Mentos to Diet Coke!

Frozen t-shirt flier

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