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Library Festival

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We’re busy today getting ready for the library festival on Saturday, August 23!

Come to our 58th annual Library Festival!  Activities include our book sale with thousands of books, doll house raffle, cookie walk, luncheon on the porch from 11:00 to 1:00, and children’s activities. If you are a Friend of the Library, you may have a preview of the book tent at 8:00 AM. If you’re not yet a Friend of the Library, you can join that morning.  The Friends of the Library will be selling library-related items as well as signatures for the library anniversary quilt.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Sign up your child to read 1000 books before kindergarten, and get a packet full of helpful tips to help you keep track of your reading.
Let’s commit to helping prepare all our little ones for school! Reading works!
Come to the library Children’s desk to find out more.
The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten kickoff starts August 12th, 10:00 am. Come sign up your child to have 1000 books read aloud before kindergarten!

Summer Reading Ice Cream Fizz Finale!

Our Fizz, Boom, Read Summer Reading program is ending with a bang! Or, at least with some fizz.
This Friday, August 1st 2:00 pm
Library Side Lawn (Rain location: Ballroom)

All children and teens who participated this year are invited to come to our Ice Cream Fizz Finale! We’ll have fizzy ice-cream floats, poppin’ pop rocks, and we’ll be giving away a ton of prizes.
Possible winnings include (but are not limited to): a 25$ iTunes gift card, some great books, gift cards to Plaza Pizza and Pizza Hut, and more!

Tie Dye Fun for Kids and Teens!

Come to the side lawn of the library at 3:30 Thursday the 31st!
We’ll have 4 colors of dye, plenty of string and rubber bands, and a whole bunch of fun!
Bring your own piece of white cotton clothing to tie-dye, and don’t forget to wear old clothes.
You can take your colorful creation home in a plastic bag, and let it air dry at home. The first couple times you wash your special tie-died creation, wash it separately so that you don’t get any excess dye on your other clothes!
See you there!tie dye flierf1

New Library Patron

The Electifying Return of Squishy Circuits!

There is still time to sign up for The Electrifying Return of Squishy Circuits before this afternoon! Sign up on our online calendar to join in. We’ll be playing with play dough, experimenting with electricity, and having fun with science!
There is still plenty of space for new participants.
Tuesday, July 29th at 3:30
Ages 10-13
In the Library Arts Center!


Dollhouse Raffle

dollhouse raffle

Mythbusting at the Library!

Mythbusting @ the Library!
Monday, July 28th, 3:00 pm, in the Ballroom
Myth: An ordinary playing card can be used as a deadly weapon.
Which do you think, true or false? Will we bust this myth….. or, confirm it?
Come join our own Myth Busting team right here in the library!

mythbusting flierf1

Are you ready for the annual Frozen T-shirt Challenge?

You’d better  be!

Calling all teens and children willing to pull a frozen t-shirt over your head:

Now is the time to shine!

Come to the Frozen T-Shirt Challenge and be the first participant to get your given t-shirt out of it’s bag and completely on. It won’t be easy. The t-shirt will be frozen solid. You can do anything you want to soften the shirt enough to put it on: bang it, bop it, pound it, sit on it, breath on it. The only rule is that you can’t hit somebody else with it.

The 1st place winner wins a gift certificate to Village Pizza!

Once we start, the contest goes quickly, so don’t be late. While we wait for the exact right moment, we’ll see if we can’t get a geyser of soda higher than we did at Explosive Reactions when we add Mentos to Diet Coke!

Frozen t-shirt flier

Make Armpit Fudge!

Make Armpit Fudge at the library! July 22nd, 3:30 pm

Make Armpit Fudge  you can eat!

This Tuesday,  July 22nd  at 3:30pm

Children’s Room,  Richards Free Library

Come to the library to make fudge in a plastic bag, and cook it with your own body heat!

Don’t worry–the fudge will stay in the baggies, and when we’re done, it will taste like fudge and not like armpits!
All ages welcome. Littler hands may want some help measuring, so children under five please bring parental assistance.